With The World's First And Only No Symbolism Rainbow Flag Dedicated To Everyone !!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Rainbow Throughout History In Art And Culture Has Celebrated A Unity In Diversity; Something To Boast Of Brotherly And Sisterly Love !

The forgoing is the preamble to International Interdependence Day Weekend; The only form of E-Pluribus-Unum accomplishable at this time as Country's like China, Iran, North Korea, Vietnam who are still closed society's will be able to celebrate with us the first weekend in August annually. I am the fore father to Global E-Pluribus-Unum, which mean's out of many one as we celebrate our uniqueness's and in a gesture of good will our Interdependence.



When In The Course Of
Human Events; To Affirm The Human Condition; With Peace and Good Will Towards All Man Kind; And To That End Upon Our Apprise; Shall Celebrate Our Uniqueness's and Our Interdependence;
Internationally; Where The World Community Is Invited To Join Us As We Celebrate Our Uniqueness's And In A Gesture Of Good Will Our Interdependence !!!!

With the

Declaration of Interdependence !!!! 

When in the course of human events, it becomes
necessary for one people to become happy,
 and to assume among the powers of the Earth the equal station to which the laws of nature,
 and nature's God entitled them;
A decent respect to the happiness of mankind requires that the causes that compel them
be revived !!!!


International Interdependence Day Weekend 

The First Weekend Of August, Annually, With The First Saturday Show Casing The Main Event As International Interdependence Day; Where The World Wide Community Come's Together To Celebrate Our Uniqueness's And Our Interdependence; Followed Up On The First Sunday In August, Annually, With International Friendship Day; Where The World Wide Community's Come Together And We Celebrate Our Friendship's; Followed Up On The First Monday In August, Annually, A Day For Reflection;

A Holiday Weekend; Holiday Originated Out Of Holy Day;

Happy Holidays !

I look forward to addressing the United Nations on behalf of International Interdependence Day Weekend; Inviting our Lord's Internationally and the People's there of their Land's to take part in this experiment of
E-Pluribus-Unum !

I look forward to the Central Celebration to be viewed by a World Wide Audience and in a different Host Country Annually Starting at President's Park in Washington D.C. the First Weekend in August 2013. Holographic Light Shows and Lasers will fill the Sky as a Monorail and Roller Coaster will bridge the outer perimeter, Stage's with Live Performance's and soo much more !!!! We will leave a Unique Interdependence Obelisk in each Host Country as a Thank You for Hosting the Annual Central Celebration ! I will Benefactor and Organize within the Host Country the Grass Roots Celebrations throughout the Host Country or Region. Showcasing the Main Event the First Saturday in August Annually with International Interdependence Day; Followed up on the First Sunday International Friendship Day; The First Monday in August Annually a Day for Reflection; 3 Days of Unilateral Peace.

I look forward to establishing  
" Personal Touch " Organization Contemporaneous, acting a the same time, with the first Central Celebration here in the United State's of America !

" Personal Touch "

None the less is an In House Product Development Company that will take Peoples Original Ideas and Innovations off the ground with no monetary outlay by the Conceptual Artist from Evaluation, Protection, Prototype, Manufacturing and Distribution, working closely with the Conceptual Aritst as is necessary, None the less Organization, will  handle their Product's Startup to Fruition and will enjoy a split of 20% to " Personal Touch " and 80% to the Conceptual Artist on their Original Works. The 20% profit coffered by
" Personal Touch " will  guarantee that other People's work's have the same Opportunity.

This is a Social Entrepreneurial Endeavor that will be Franchised Internationally !

Your's Truly

Roland Durphy Menard III